Reasons to be cheerful

The wind’s whipping around the back of the house. Every time I step out of the door it rains…and I mean biblical torrents. I have a ‘to do’ list which looks like a queue for the latest Banksy exhibition and my PC  is throwing a strop worthy of Violet Elizabeth Bott. Hence the messy looking hyperlinks!! Today may not be the best of days.  But who needs a blogger who moans? Enough! I need some blue sky thinking.

Firstly my passion for sunflowers knows no bounds and so I was delighted when Ben Ranyard of Higgledy Garden  asked me to write a guest article about them on his blog. Nip over to read it here. Ben grows and sells seasonal cut flowers and his blog is full of fabulous pics and info about all manner of delighful blooms.

Secondly I will be making another batch of elderberry cordial soon as the berries on and around the allotment are almost as abundant as the raspberries. You’ll find all the details here Did I mention the raspberries? They are Ah- Maize – Zing this year!

See. It didn’t take me long to see the blue skies.

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