Taking stock

It’s the end of a year. Time to reflect, say goodbye, make plans and move on for some.  For others it’s an opportunity to party.

I crave fresh air and to be with those I love.


Later I light the fire and lose myself in the flickering flames and read a beautiful book about the curative power of nature. It takes me an hour.

Whatever 2019 brings I wish you joy and for myself, I’m hoping for more days like these.

The Christmas Chronicles Part V – New Year’s Eve

It’s New Years Eve –

homemade leek soup, a strong cheddar and crusty bread

a country walk around nearby Great Chalfield manor, stopping to recreate a gateway photo ten years on with the family and a coffee in the blissfully quiet Field Kitchen in Holt,

a potter on the allotment to check the emerging bulbs and gather kindling

and an evening beside the fire playing board games.

January never feels like the start of a new year to a Celtic teacher with an agricultural heritage although there have been new beginnings on New Year’s Eve like the year we got married or the year we drove to have lunch in the Cotswolds and returned home to find that I was incubating our first child.

Whatever 2018 brings I hope your dark forests will be well-illumined by starry skies.

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