Wellbeing, it’s elemental. Part 4 : Fire

We Celts are never shy in celebrating – more often than not it involves music, dancing, alcohol and fire. Even in this strangest of years we’ll be welcoming in the New Year with a celebration around the fire. Of course it will be a quiet affair beside our  own hearth rather than on top of a hill where a community gathers beside a hastily constructed beacon blazing ostentatiously. How I long for those atavistic days! Having to scale down Bonfire Night affected me more than almost every other festival this year. Truly!

Fire stirs something deep within me and never fails to soothe. Not that I’m a pyromaniac you understand but I’ve spent hours tending bonfires after dusk on the allotment, love the daily routine of laying a fire in the hearth and am fanatical about the log pile. I adore a firework display but my passion is for the accompanying bonfire. One day I’m determined to do a spot of firewalking. 

To celebrate the end of 2020 I’ve splurged on a cornus for our cottage garden. Cornus ‘midwinter fire’. It’s a beauty and will go some way to assuage the lack of fire celebrations this year. Whenever I look out of the kitchen window it will remind me of 2020 – the craziness, the changes, the interruptions and the sheer joy of living in the moment. 

New year, new moon, new adventures…


If red is the colour of Christmas, then white is the one for New Year. I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions and fresh starts on January 1st. I seem to be programmed for fresh starts, new stationery and new plans at the start of the academic year and agricultural calendar in September.

That is not to say that the start of a new year is not the time for clearing out the old and starting on a fresh adventure. Twenty five years ago today we set off on our adventure into married life (Yes. I was a child bride!)This year – when the new year coincides with a new moon for the first time in nearly two decades – seems particularly auspicious too. I have never felt readier to clear away the clutter of Christmas, get the leftovers finished and replace the Christmas table decorations with a pot of beautiful homegrown paperwhite daffodils (which I remembered to sow eight weeks ago. Yay!)

There are one or two new adventures on the horizon on the plot for 2014 – but more of that in the weeks to come.In the meantime out with the old, in with the new. Have a very Happy New Year. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. Make the most of all the opportunities it will bring.

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