Monday musings

Blue skies, a box of seeds and the morning stretching out ahead to potter on the allotment. These are the best Mondays. My school holidays have begun and although I have oodles of schoolwork to do, I am mistress of my time whilst the others are still at school and work for a few days. The daffs and tulips are up in the cutting patch on the allotment; the weeds are more or less under control;I have a bin of homemade compost to spread (….and the bin to repair with some new planks of wood after the ravages of the winter and the visiting badger)

Last Monday the middle of town looked like this. I slid at 15 mph across country to work, leaving the  the family at home as their school was closed or work from home was suggested and the eldest rather glum that his driving test had been cancelled. I had references to write for members of my tutor group who are leaving at the end of the school year; marking to do, lessons to teach and a sixth form parent conference to prepare for.

What a difference a week makes. In 2013 I was ahead of the game. Here were my sweet peas in February. I am sowing 2018’s today.


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