The comfort (or confinement) of routine

It’s the end of term but we are in that weird no man’s land of having undergone weeks of working from home where one day can be much like another. It doesn’t feel like the school holidays.

For weeks social media has been alive to the sound of parents wondering how to navigate the minefield of getting their teens out of bed and on with the business of the day. Now that the holidays have arrived maybe they will be able to relax a little.

I love the relaxed feel of a school holiday but have discovered over the years that having a routine of sorts even on lazy days keeps me grounded and productive. With three teenagers whose exams were cancelled in the house we haven’t been too disciplined over the last few weeks but have gently encouraged a sense of purpose and a goal for each day – however small. There are still boxes of ‘stuff’ to sort under beds, spring cleaning to do and files to archive. It’s happening slowly.

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