Seed moon and Easter Day.

‘Twas a beautiful full moon last night – the seed moon or paschal moon so called because, well, it’s sowing time and Easter. I always find full moons amplify my emotions and the urge at this time of year is to take courage, seize the day, clear the clutter and make a fresh start. So that’s what I’ll be doing.

This time of year is practically perfect for noticing what parts of your life have run their course, letting go of whatever weighs you down and keeps your life out of balance. Easier said than done, I know but also remarkably freeing. It’s in the quiet moments that enlightenment truly floods in – like at 6am this morning outside the church door with a dozen or so friends and neighbours. We lit our candles from the firebowl and proceeded into the dark church to welcome in Easter Day once more. The reflection of Lent is over; the pain and sacrifice of Holy Week is done and we are free to move forward, albeit with a little uncertainty at first. But confidence will grow. Work-life balance is something that definitely needs attention. I hope that by Easter next year I will have spent more time with my family and less time marking piles of exercise books late at night in the kitchen.

Happy Easter.

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