These boots were made for walking

It is a truth universally acknowledged that this Celt owns more sturdy boots than pairs of shoes. And these boots have put in plenty of work shifts- – in the garden, around numerous National Trust properties and in the lanes and fields within a stone’s throw of home over the Winter. They have been to Pembrokeshire beaches and Wiltshire barrows. They’ve beaten the same path near one of our local farm shops and another round the back of the allotments, through fallow fields, past sheep flocks, down to the river, through the woods and along the canal towpath.

Plenty of people discovered the benefits of walking outside during the pandemic. Numbers seemed to have waned more recently as folk have restarted busy lives but if the price of fuel continues to be volatile or there are shortages, we’ll be back to walking to the shops.

I’ve never been a fan of running. At school I did the shortest possible cross country run, even cutting through a forbidden shortcut hedge to get back sooner for maximum hockey time. But walking fires up a different part of the brain. I want to be outside, observing the subtle changes in nature day by day rather than getting uncomfortably sweaty.

There is no question that walking is good for you. It burns calories, lowers blood sugar, strengthens the heart, improves the immune system, eases joint pain, boosts energy, tones your leg muscles, improves your mood and helps you think more creatively. What’s not to love. I have to admit I have not walked anywhere near as much over the Winter whilst the craziness of school life post pandemic has sucked me in. And I can feel how wrong that is. Now that the days are longer I am determined to get back to pulling on my boots for an hour every day – at the very least.

How about you?

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