Snowdrops, magpies and the end of winter

pic by Sally Tonkin

Christmas seems a lifetime ago; COVID has reared its ugly head again at home and in the classroom; my marking mountain never seems to get any smaller and every time I want to get out in the garden, the weather turns or I have too much school work to do. I have been in danger of losing my sense of perspective and, worst of all, my sense of humour. BUT the start of Spring is just around the corner; there have been two magpies in the garden for the first time ever; the snowdrops are blooming. This beautiful photo from a Facebook friend reminded me to check out our snowdrops at the bottom of the garden this weekend. I hadn’t spotted them until now, what with leaving for work and getting home in the dark every day. A tiny habit which reset my internal barometer from stormy to fair.

I’ve written about the start of Celtic spring – Imbolc – before. I started this blog thirteen years ago at this time of year around Candlemas when I was looking for a new project. The urge to embrace the green shoots, shake off the winter blues and start new projects, spring clean, clear clutter in the house and in the garden is strong but I’m going to have to resist for the time being. In the garden it’s probably a good idea to wait for warmer weather anyway. Pollinators are often wintering in dead leaves and hollowed out stems so it’s best to let them bee (sic). In the house, clutter clearing as my husband sorts through the endless contents of my in-laws house moves very slowly. The major spring cleaning work this year has been internal in the letting go of ways of being and working that are no longer fit for purpose and are certainly not conducive to wellbeing.

I’ve set myself a long-term goal. By Spring next year I hope that much will have changed about the way I spend my time, my priorities will be different and I’ll feel more grounded. I’m in it for the long haul. Evolution not revolution. Not my usual approach but all the better for that I think.

Imbolc blessings for the week ahead.

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