pic by Alan Tyghe

I’m having to dig deep at the moment. Life is a bit of a Coronacoaster. After six months of teaching from home with all the family around me, living slowly and simply I have fitted sixth months of excitement and business into the last three weeks. I’m not into navel-gazing as a rule but a tad of reflection is vital.

Two sons moving back to Uni, four family birthdays, a new job back full-time in the state sector for the first time in twenty years along with all the COVID-safe measures of moving around the site, cleaning our classrooms to keep everyone safe and dealing with the attendant anxieties of teenagers who’ve missed several months of school. I knew it would need bags of energy, a thick skin and no ‘me time’ until Half Term. What I hadn’t factored in was a fall onto concrete, a seven-hour visit to A and E and an arm injury which has blown all my carefully-laid plans out of the water.

So digging deep is important ……as is the ability to be less than perfect, rely on others and stay positive whilst waiting for an MRI scan and possible surgery. In any other job, at any other time it might be possible to pull back and just do the necessary. But in a new teaching job in the middle of a pandemic I can’t see how this is going to be possible. As well as that, my usual R and R activities – gardening, chutney-making, baking are outside my capabilities for a while. I need help to get dressed, am typing one-handed and standing-up and lacking sleep. It’s a test of how resilient I really am – and of my family’s patience.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to rethink priorities and plan to do things differently in the future when life calms down. Alan Tyghe’s beautiful pic of Broughton Gifford common is a reminder of of the kinds of things I want to make time for in the future.

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