It’s been a couple of months since I last posted. This time last year (and the years before) I was at the start of three weeks of blissful relaxation at home with my family, away from work, planning some spring cleaning, tending the garden, going for walks and reading books. Despite the lockdown it’s not so very different this year. Perhaps that’s why I feel strangely grounded amidst the inevitable uncertainty.

We are lucky. We can work from home and although our children have had GCSEs, A Levels, holidays with friends and the first year at Uni cancelled they have plans for next year which they are likely to be able to put into practice. Changes to our routine have taken place; we are less blasé about our good health but that’s pretty much it. We’ve coped with shortages in the shops when panic-buying took place and one or two meal combinations would have been worthy of Letitia Cropley in The Vicar of Dibley. The local plant nursery even managed to deliver three bags of compost and some plants yesterday, keeping their livelihood going and cheering up a customer – namely me.

I am conscious that for many the last week has brought a huge upheaval; finding a new normal has been an inevitable struggle. There are financial and health concerns, separation from family and friends and a cessation of all the activities that normally fill the week. For others (those who live simple, low-impact lives closer to home) adaptation to lockdown rules has been more straightforward. But adapt we must. Above all people are looking to their local communities for advice, support and assistance and those communities have risen to the challenge in many, many cases.

Let’s not forget that being locked down at home has shown us the strength in community and in family and the positivity that comes with spending time reading with your children, playing games, baking, volunteering, appreciating small gains and practising thankfulness.

That has to be a good thing.

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