Summer 2019: A wander round the plot

I have to admit to being so exhausted at the end of term that once the GCSE examiner work was done and show week was over that I have done very little – except in the garden. Looking at my Twitter feed of teachers, the end of term zombie state is definitely ‘ a thing’. I have plenty to say about teaching in 2019 – where teachers give up their Saturdays willingly for collaborative training, where new mothers are embracing maternity CPD projects, where parents expect instant responses to emails about their children…..but this is for another time and another forum.

The garden remains my grounding place. I used to love it most in Autumn but now Spring is my favourite time – so lush, so burgeoning, so full of expectation. Summer is good too. It remains a work in progress – I don’t know a gardener who is content that all work is finished – EVER. There are beans, beetroot and strawberries to harvest, flowers to deadhead, weeding to be done, pruning to be done when plants have gone over and remodelling to be planned.

I’ve pictured the best of what’s on offer today.

2 thoughts on “Summer 2019: A wander round the plot

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  1. The garden does offer peace to the soul, even when there is work to do and weeds popping up. There are so many things in the world that one can do nothing about, but making the garden a place of beauty is doable, and so very satisfying. Lovely photos. Glad you are taking time to enjoy the magic.

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