Happy Easter, new life and slow living

I’ve been blessed this year with a long school holiday of over three weeks. So welcome. In fact for the first week, when the rest of the family were still at work and school, I was exhausted and did very little other than potter round the garden, make lists and read books. Slow living has a lot to recommend it and as I’ve got older I’ve learnt to let go of the guilty feelings of having a huge list of tasks to accomplish and no energy or inclination to tackle them at speed.

And slow living doesn’t have to be unproductive. Listening to my mind and body has given me the space to learn all my lines for a show in July so that I can make the most of precious rehearsal time, bake, sow, plant, weed and tidy in the garden, reflect on my approach to teaching, prepare lessons for next term and rest before the GCSE exam marking starts in earnest. All these areas of my life have had new life breathed into them. Above all I’ve been able to give some time to my family. Friends have been neglected a little but that’s something to put right over the next few weeks and the bathroom has still not been decorated. It will happen eventually.

Happy Easter, lovely people.




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