Singing the Blues, pancakes and streaks of sunshine

We’re almost at the end of January and, unsurprisingly I haven’t managed to get outside for a walk every day since the start of term. In fact, I haven’t had a day free of schoolwork either and I am losing my battle with psoriasis – always a ‘thing’ in January with its lack of sunlight. Somehow a quick turn around the garden and sorting my seeds ready for sowing is a poor substitute for getting some dirt under my fingernails and the elements on my face.

At times like these you have to seize what crumbs of hygge you can.

Our teenagers are slow to rise on Sundays when there are no morning sports fixtures. Some want breakfast; others don’t. The whole day can have a disparate feel which throws me out of kilter. So yesterday, with the ironing finished and a glut of milk in the fridge I made pancakes. Everyone appeared around the table – even the son who didn’t want to eat – and we spent half an hour having a chat over coffee and lemony pancakes. I don’t want anything fancy in January.

And the sun popped out from behind the clouds for a short while and bathed the table in dappled sunshine.

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