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grow your own cake

I am an expert in secreting healthy vegetables into all kinds of foodstuffs for my children. I was the mother who whizzed up all sorts of goodies and called it pasta sauce, made the veggies they wouldn’t eat into soup and popped spinach into the berry smoothies. (Ssh. I still do the latter!) I have come clean about my penchant for cakes with vegetables on this blog before and now I am the proud owner of a whole book dedicated to the subject, which Sara and I were sent to review for members of our outdoor learning programme. What’s not to love about the heady combo of gardening, baking and eating cake? No visit to a garden is complete without cake. And no work in the garden can reasonable be expected from teenagers without stoking up with home-baked goodies.

Beautifully photographed by Jason Ingram, who is particularly skilled at gardening and cookery books, Holly Farrell’s book is for the cook, who wants to grow a few things to add to their baking repertoire or the gardener who would benefit from an idea or two to use up some of their produce. In fact, you could be a novice at both, for Holly includes plenty of hints and tips for the cook and gardener, making it perfect for my own young teenage children who are dabbling with growing and baking. There are general chapters on growing and baking as well as specialist hits and tips for growing specific ingredients.

The recipes and growing advice is divided into seasonal ‘chapters’ on cake, afternoon tea, pudding and savoury bakes with a ‘Grow’ section followed by a recipe. The first – Gooseberry and Elderflower Cake is just perfect for this time of year when I have both growing in abundance on my allotment. Most of the recipes are for sweet treats although there are a few savoury bakes and puddings for those with less of a sweet tooth. We love the poppy seed flowerpot bread and pesto potato scones.

Having followed Holly’s growing advice and baked her cakes, there’s no reason why you and your novice growers and bakers can’t be inspired to dig around for or even invent new recipes. Grow and bake yourself healthy. I can see several of the cakes becoming favourite allotment bakes to sustain us as we dig, prune, plant and weed.

Grow Your Own Cake by Holly Farrell with photography by Jason Ingram

ISBN 978-0-7112-3701-8

Copyright Frances Lincoln Limited 2016
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