Help. I need more space….

Cally's new patch

This cry is nothing new. My family will tell you that I frequently bemoan the lack of space there is in which to store books, propagate plants and stash the paraphenalia of life. However I have  reached the point of not having enough space in which to grow all those plants I started from seed and are ready to pop in the ground. For the first time ever. It’s a disaster! What’s a girl to do?

Get another plot of course!

Better still, get two!

The first is in the garden, where our dear late chickens used to live. We hadn’t got around to re-turfing it and so I suggested to the man I have shared my life with for the past quarter of a century that it would be much better used as a flower patch. In a weak moment he agreed!! I planted it up before he could change his mind and ordered some germander plants from Catherine at Pepperpot Herbs to make a bee- friendly hedge. Job done.

But I still have a lot of seedlings to plant out. I cleared the allotment beds which had been planted with spring bulbs for cutting not knowing where this year’s bulbs would go. On a whim I mentioned this to the staff at the Children’s Centre, where I used to run a ‘Get Growing’ project. The management of the centre has now changed, funding is in decline and their outside space is no longer used. An overgrown plot with three raised beds and potential for more is perfect, isn’t it?

As you see there’s plenty to do, but I’ve made a start by covering the beds with weed suppressant membrane. The next step is to strim the nettles, lay down some more mulch, set up a compost heap and rainwater harvesting and pop in some shrubs which can be used in arrangements.

I feel a weekend working party with coffee and cake and a pot luck lunch coming on.

By the Autumn it should be ready for a job lot of narcissi, tulips, alliums and ranunculus. It’s a gradual transformation. It’ll take time but at least I’ve taken the first few steps.

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  1. My, you have your work cut out there! But a labour of love no doubt! You must show us the finished article. I, too, constantly moan about the lack of garden space, to grow everything I desire, but then I have to be realistic, and remind myself of my lack of time for the maintenance involved. It’s a balancing act!

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