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salad crop

Changes are afoot around Bradford on Avon. Slowly little pockets of loveliness are springing up in public spaces.

Anyone who has visited the railway station in the last few months will have seen what can be achieved on the platform by a small group of ‘railway gardeners’ working together for a few hours a week .

In Lambs Yard in the centre of town one of the large metre square wooden planters has been adopted by Climate Friendly Bradford and myself. On the 21st April at 2pm we will be holding a community planting event, digging out and rehoming the silver birch and periwinkles and establishing an edible garden – cordon pear, rose, strawberries and herbs for public picking. We’d love to see you there and will happily offer advice on growing edibles in small spaces to anyone who’d like to grow some of their own food.

We hope this will be the first of many edible containers and beds that we’ll see springing up around the town in the next few months. Who knows? The salad bed pictured above might provide you with a bit of inspiration.

In other news the muddy slither along the path to my allotment is a thing of the past, as the Council has seen fit to improve it with tarmac. This has not been altogether without controversy and incident. However they have left a few feet of clay soil on either side of the path which is ripe for an afternoon’s wildflower sowing. Climate Friendly Bradford have come up trumps and are supplying the seed. Now we just need the manpower.

Here’s the deal. Turn up at the top of the municipal golf course at 2pm on Sunday April 28th clutching a trowel. Spend an hour or so sowing a patch with a wildflower seed mix (advice given to novices) and in return we’ll provide refreshments for the workers. (Yes. There will be homemade cakes).

Further details of both these community planting events from me. Email me. I’m uber-efficient about replying. And for those of you too far away to get involved, I will post pics. Promise!