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It's Raining Plums

I make no New Year’s resolutions but post-Christmas ‘blow-out’ is as good a time as any for a little discipline in the kitchen. My battered second-hand copy of *It’s Raining Plums* has inspired a little 2013 project. How difficult can it be to feed a family of five on seasonal food for a year? Take three children, a father with *particular* culinary tastes and an experimental mother. Game on!

My monthly column for Local Morsels this year will follow my family’s attempts to eat seasonally and I shall be blogging about it. This is where you all come in. In the best panto tradition – audience participation is the name of the game. Help me, people! Ingenious ways to feed your children Jerusalem artichokes? What to do with Seville oranges when you live with a family of marmalade-haters? Anyone?

Every month I will be sharing my successes and failures, seasonal recipes-both old favourites and new discoveries and I’d like you to do the same. Send me your tips and recipes via Twiiter, this blog or email cally@countrygate.co.uk  and I’ll publish them on the blog, tweet about them, mention them in my column and may even choose a monthly prizewinner.

January stars are Seville oranges, leeks, parsnips, celeriac and Jerusalem artichokes. It’s over to you.