Those of you who pop round here from time to time will know how important local food is to me. I’ve  worked on a freelance basis for the local community agriculture project; I teach children and families to grow their own food on a limited budget and a couple of years ago I did a little Lenten experiment where I only ate food grown or produced within a thirty mile radius of home.

Today marks the next phase of my local food adventure with the launch of an online magazine for foodie types celebrating the growers and artisan producers of delicious food in my neck of the woods. It’s called Local Morsels and I’ll be writing a monthly column for it. This month you get a recipe for Toffee Apple Muffins in time for Bonfire Night and an exclusive look at my special Christmas Pud recipe – the one handed down from my granny and doubless generations before her.

Yes of course I’ve played around with it a bit. Why wouldn’t I?

The launch is in Bradford on Avon, upstairs at The Fat Fowl from 4pm to 7pm. There’ll be cake and some of this season’s yummy preserves to try.