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I know I’m a bit of a rebel but even I draw the line at taking cuttings from NGS  ( *Yellow Book*) gardens without permission – unlike my mother. She was rarely seen visiting a garden without a plastic bag and some snippers in her pocket. I prefer to be up front about the whole business. There are few, if any gardeners who will begrudge a few cuttings to fellow enthusiasts. We’re a generous bunch and with the cutting comes a wealth of knowledge about the history of the plant, how best to propogate it, what looks good next to it and how to keep it happy.

Recently I have had little time for garden visiting but was delighted when a copy of Kate’s Cuttings dropped through the letter box, just when I had begun my Twitter retreat and was spending a lot of time on trains and buses.

Kate Foale is one of my Twitterpals, a gardener with a glorious few acres in Nottinghamshire that she’s tended, tweeked, developed and improved since 1987. The garden ‘Charnwood’ is open to the public under the NGS and also for courses from time to time but Kate is generous also in sharing notes and advice about her successes and failures in her regular column for the local mag.  Now that column, along with lots of delightful pics has been expanded into a book available from her website, where you’ll also find details of when the garden is open next.

It’s very much a dip-in book with useful tips for keeping a garden healthy and interesting through the seasons. For someone like me who plies my trade in lots of gardens it has been especially interesting to see how the whole process works in one garden over a period of time. And who knows, maybe sometime soon I’ll pop over to Charnwood with my plastic bag and snippers for a few more of Kate’s cuttings.