You see. I AM a woman of my word. I may be on Twitter retreat but here’s a postcard  for you- a glorious shot of the wildflower meadows around the Olympic Park specially planted for London 2012. The shot was taken by the man himself Prof. Nigel *wildflower meadowman *Dunnett from the University of Sheffield who has driven this part of the project forward. Twitter’s loss is certainly my gain. Who wouldn’t want a wander around this wildflower wonderland on a wet Wednesday? Well, it was Monday but that doesn’t start with a W does it?

For me this is THE best thing about the 2012 Olympics. To those of you who hear me bang on regularly about the importance of bees, wildflower meadows and verges  not being razed to the ground by strimmer-wielding workmen, this will come as no suprise. Along with the massive planting of woods, wetlands, lawns and perennial plants carried out last Autumn this really will *Inspire a generation*. The meadows in East London are on a grand scale – the equivalent of 10 football pitches, my Soccer-mad middle child tells me.  Planted in nutrient poor soil to discourage weeds,the nectar rich wildflowers really do address the issues of sustainabilty and legacy.

Here’s hoping you all get to wander around such loveliness. In the meantime, why not plant your own? It’s easy-peasy and made even more so by the production of a handy leaflet here . Or email me for advice/leave a comment. I’ve planted them on school fields, patches of wasteground, churchyards. I’ve even sown them in pots and windowboxes.

Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – should have the opportunity to wander through a field of wildflowers and lie down to look up at the sky. They were ten a penny when I was a little girl in the 1970s. And they could be again if we all have a go. Do it on your own furtively, do it in pairs or with small groups  of friends.  Have a party and do it with hundreds of strangers. Just do it!