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Yes . It has been a while since I last blogged. Not that I have been idle. Quite the opposite, in fact. The thing is we’ve been having a bit of an overhaul of the Country Gate plot and garden. Plants have come – and some have gone in an effort to create a thing of beauty which is also tasty AND useful. I believe the term is an ‘edible landscape’. It’s a work in progress.

We’ve always grown a lot of perennial herbs – and fruit – and vegetables so it isn’t much of a sea change. All we’re really doing is abandoning any bedding plants and shrubs with no added value as edibles, companion, medicinal or dyeing plants in favour of those which are uber-useful. Beauty is no longer enough!

And so the pots and windowboxes which over the years have housed annual bedding plants have been redeployed to grow salads. I imagine I’m not the only mother who wishes her children would eat a bit more of the green stuff.  Presenting them with a bowl of lettuce, however lovely has never REALLY ticked all their boxes. On the other hand, take them to a Harvester (or similar) and let them choose their own and it becomes  a pleasure and delight. Lightbulb moment! Create a home salad bar.

 So now we have a veritable cornucopia of leafy containers from which they can  choose their own quirky combo. There is the peashoot barrow by the back door, the wine box of ‘cut and come again’, the ‘rocket’ pot, the sorrel boot, the large windowbox crammed with ‘four seasons’….the list is endless.. Job done…or at least until it’s time to sow some more.