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There won’t be much gardening going on around here for a couple of weeks – at midnght or at any other time. I am once more taking up the directorial reins, this time for The Bradfordians. We open in a fortnight , in Bradford on Avon with Tom’s Midnight Garden, a classic tale of two lonely people finding friendship and food for the soul in a beautiful garden. No prizes for guessing why I chose this one! It’s good old fashioned family adventure and entertainment. You can get tickets by clicking on the link above. I’ll save you the best cakes in the interval tea.

Fortunately the cold snap has also relieved me of the need to take a bucket of salty water and a torch to the allotment at midnight on one of my fairly regular slug culls.. It gets better and better.

And on the subject of having fun in the garden after dark – my bedtime reading of late has been Lia Leendertz book ‘ Twilight Garden’ Tis full of inspirational and aspirational goodies. When I’ve finished it I will review it properly but in the meantime the lady from Country Gate Gardens says. ‘Go spend your pennies on this.’