Teatime treats…..where I take on Mary Berry and win!

My love of  buns is legendary but in January, like many a would-be ‘domestic goddess’ I have a pantry full of oranges and cranberries leftover from Christmas. What’s a girl to do? Cranberry and orange buns for tea – of course.

There is a recipe for sticky buns in the latest Great British Bake Off book, courtesy of Mary Berry. Now, as far as my children are concerned, she really is a domestic goddess. They see their mother as one with a slightly grubby apron and floury hair. This recipe has a pecan and maple syrup topping – which is not for me so I thought I’d do a bit of tinkering to see if I could improve on dear Mary’s original. Nothing new there!

The dough is straightforward enough 500g bread flour, a tsp crushed sea salt flakes, a pkt dried yeast  and 2 tbsp caster sugar mixed with 75g melted butter and 200ml warm milk and a beaten egg. (I used 150ml milk and 50ml orange juice instead.) Mix it all together and give it a knead for about 10 mins. Then leave to prove for about an hour until doubled in size.

Knock it back down and roll out to a 24cm x 48cm rectangle. Brush 75g melted butter over the dough. Then sprinkle on 75g light brown muscovado sugar mixed with a tsp cinnamon. At this point I also added a few handfuls of dried cranberries and the zest of two oranges.. Roll it up like a swiss roll. Then use a sharp knife to cut the roll into a dozen slices. Slightly flatten each one and place on a greased baking sheet. Leave to rise for about 45 mins and bake in the oven at 180 /350/gas 4 for 25 minutes. Leave to cool on a wire rack.

Whilst the buns are cooling, whisk together 4 tbsp soft  unsalted butter, 2 cups icing sugar, 2 tbsp milk, 1 1/2 tbsp orange zest and 2 tbsp  orange juice. Drizzle over the buns when cool et voila!

Mary, Mary….this is far better than sticky pecans., I assure you.

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