Shouldn’t the last week of the Summer term be a time for winding down? Not so around here, it seems. The eldest apprentice has been undertaking a bit of impromptu fundraising with his classmates to send some goats to an African farming family. Consequently, he volunteered me for some homemade treats.

What’s a Mum to do when she has limited time and an abundance of lemons in the fridge? Lemonade, of course. To be fair, this is more lemon squash than lemonade but diluted with fizzy water and served in a glass with a handful of ice cubes it’s an absolute winner with little people. Actually mine prefer it to any shop bought cordial.

To make about 3 litres you need 20 unwaxed lemons. Scrub them and zest about half. Bring a large pan of water to boiling point and dip the whole lemons in for 1 minute.. Remove and retain 1 litre of the lemony liquid.

Add to this about 1.2kg granulated sugar and the lemon zest. Heat to boiling point. Meanwhile squeeze the juice from the lemons and add about 1 litre of it to the pan. Bring back to boiling point. Strain into sterilised bottles and seal. Keep in the fridge once cooled. Dilute to taste.

So easy that the children can play their part in making it and perfect for end of term or holiday picnics as well as fundraising events. You could even package up a few bottles as thankyou gifts for teachers.