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This week we have mostly been in the woods building dens, whittling sticks, tracking animals and toasting marshmallows on the campfire. Next to taking the family here our homemade version isn’t half bad..

For those who are not lucky enough to live near woods I can heartily recommend the National Trust Wild Child campaign which gives plenty of  opportunities  to do things with others .We became Victorian Plant Hunters for an afternoon at Lacock Abbey, built dens from bamboo, leaves and lots of blue twine) at The Courts in Holt, made musical instruments from wood and identified birdsong. Then we returned to our own woods (across the road) to do our own thing. 

Three days out of doors, happy children, happy mother. A few ideas picked up for the gardening club’s wildlife garden. What could be better? Except perhaps the use of a few labourers on the allotment to tackle the weeds in the meantime.

Thanks Jane at The Courts for taking the photos.)