Sweet peas, the great shed debate and living the Regency life.

Yes. It is over a month since my last post. Despite living almost entirely in a parallel Jane Austen universe, (courtesy of a return to my directing roots) I have manged to achieve a moderate amount on the plot.  Much as I would like to create the impression that work on the plot is continuous and organised, like most things around here, things happen eventually.

And so, I turned down an invitation to go dancing in Devizes with Aled Jones and the Jane Austen Dancers (coming soon to BBC1) and opted instead for clearing away  two half tonne bags of rubbish from the allotment, planting raspberry canes,  and supervising the  spreading of my Mothering Sunday gift….half a tonne of manure.

Today saw a second sowing of sweet peas in clay pots to go with the ones I started off back in October in the cold frame. With any luck they’ll soon be looking like these we enjoyed at Stourhead last Summer.  This year I’ve opted for four highly scented varieties  – Maracuna, Lord Nelson, Painted Lady and Black Knight.  I ordered them in plenty of time from Sarah Raven’s online store – not known for speed of service or readiness of communication though they have been considerably more communicative since I mentioned this on Twitter. Mmm. Wonder why?

Meanwhile the shed debate continues on the plot.  I think we’ve cracked it by resiting the playhouse on the allotment, freecycling the redundant one, putting a new superdelux model at the bottom of the garden (how much will it cost?) and building the chickens a permanent run. At least that’s this week’s idea – until the assistant gardener gets back from Leeds with another scheme.

Sometimes I think the Regency life would be easier – though I’m more likely to be scampering about the countryside with my petticoat six inches deep in mud than covering screens and playing the piano.

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