Readers I have sinned. I watched Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas last night. There. I’ve got it off my chest. Yes I know it’s a load of media hyped tosh. Yes I have calculated her probable carbon footprint as she jaunts from one end of the country to another in search of a ‘bargain ‘or help from an ‘artisan’ in her dashing red landrover. And yes, I am aware that  it’s all too good to be true. Most working mothers with smaller bank balances and less time on their hands can’t model themselves on good old Kirstie in her tartan nightie. This is feel good TV, where the media elves make it all look so ‘like anyone can do this, right? Absolutely.’ It’s a bit like listening to Wham and Chris Rea when you’re stuck in a festive traffic jam but it makes you excited about going to buy that hot water bottle for your granny nevertheless.

I find it hard to believe that there are any children who haven’t made salt dough decorations…….or is my children’s school stuck in a time warp? And what mother hasn’t experienced the joy of still  hoovering up glitter in August after an afternoon of Christmas card making? But lets accept  that watching is a harmless way to spend an hour.  It might even inspire someone to turn their back on the commercialism and spend a bit of time  with their children, their friends or their neighbours doing something homemade and inexpensive. I would have liked to see Kirstie and her friends make a pig’s ear of biscuit making  using the cheapest possible, locally sourced ingrediants whilst their children had a paddy in the corner…….but that’s evil of me and doesn’t make for escapist festive TV.

On the positive side here on the Plot we are ahead of the game in some areas. We have dabbled with a bit of chutney making for presents, made the cake and planted up pots of scented narcissi bulbs. But there are only so many hours in the day and so I have saved up my hard earned pennies and splashed out on  a door wreath from an ‘artisan’ acquaintance of mine’ Snapdragon Jane. I’ll post up a pic when it arrives. And whilst my friend Cath and I merrily chop veg for the soup at the school Christmas fair next week, we might find a bit of time to slice up some oranges, dunk them in lemon juice to keep their colour and dry them in her ancient aga to enhance our gift  wrapping experience. Great with a bit of  string, brown paper and cinammon sticks. But no, I won’t be blowing my own baubles this year or scouring antique shops for necklaces to take to pieces in search of that perfect table decoration. Though I might make it home from watching Sarah’s appearance as a fiesty cockeral in the school nativity play tonight  to watch  plucky Kirstie go that extra mile (literally) in search of a homemade Christmas.