ccallotment_scarecrow 004We are now halfway through the ‘Get Growing’ course for families at the Children’s Centre in Bradford on Avon and I couldn’t be more delighted with the results. So far we have planted window box allotments with cut and come again salads, and enhanced our wildpatch with some flowers to encourage bees.

ccallotment_scarecrow 002The children enjoyed making bird scarers and fashioning a scarecrow using some very natty clothes we picked up at the local charity shop. Last week we planted up a lavender hedge and now have a fabulous display of sunshine yellow marigolds in tiny wellies strung across the railings at the front.

ccallotment_scarecrow 003We’ve built three raised beds and sown peas, beans, lettuce, beetroot,broccoli and leeks in one. The  potatoes we planted late in tyres are doing well as are the carrots in pots and sweetcorn in some of my old boots. Three bush tomato plants donated via Freecycle are doing well and the herbs we’ve sited at the front of the centre will provide easy (and free) pickings for busy parents who can grab a handful to add a bit of something to dinner.

Next week we’re tackling the fruit garden……..and being judged for Bradford in Bloom 2009! Watch this space to find out how we get on. Other jobs on the list include sorting out the compost and rainwater harvesting in our ‘ recycled’ community allotment. It’s amazing what a group of families with little experience of gardening but loads of enthusiasm can achieve. I’m really proud of them.