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Today is a fruit day, that is, if you are a biodynamic gardener as I am. And so in between the showers I have overhauled the strawberry patch (lots of flowers already) and planted more in hanging baskets where they are easily harvested by us and not so by the slugs. I’ve planted a new pear tree in the garden….later than I had planned but life is just like that sometimes. The new raspberry canes are doing well and we are hoping for a good crop of Autumn Bliss this year.

Fruit growing has been very much in the news this week. The National Trust has highlighted the plight of traditional orchards which have been “disappearing at an alarming rate over the last 60 years” and with them the many heritage varieties of fruit. As a result they have  teamed up with government advisory body Natural England to launch a project to promote local fruit varieties. Under the scheme existing orchards will be overhauled, new ones created  and people trained how to plant, prune and propagate trees. I’d sign up for that.


I also read that Manchester is to transform itself into a giant orchard, with fruit trees and vegetable patches set up in public parks, and the produce available for free. Beehives are also to be introduced into many areas. We could do with some of that happening countrywide. I admire the Council’s attitude, irrespective of the cynics who have already voiced their comments. You know the sort of thing

……waste of money. It will get trashed.

Somebody will sue the council when their child gets sick of eating too much fruit/ an apple falls on their head/ they slip on a stray gooseberry

I’m tempted to do a spot of guerilla fruit gardening on a grass verge myself.