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A trip to London recently flagged up the Slow Down London festival which is to take place from April 24th to May 4th this year. It is a new project to inspire Londoners to improve their lives by slowing down to do things well, rather than as fast as possible. One of the goals is to create longer-term networks and opportunities for trying life at a slower pace and enjoying improved quality, creativity and wellbeing.

I have long been an advocate of slow living and this week we practised a bit of our own when we planted up a new asparagus bed. Two of the apprentices are enthusiastic asparagus eaters and love to dip the lightly steamed bright green spears in soft boiled eggs  in the manner of toast soldiers. They are likely to be addicts when they’ve tasted it fresh from the ground.

We ordered ten crowns and have planted them in a raised bed because our soil is heavy clay. It will be a couple of years before we’ll be able to harvest a decent crop but for now, as you see,  the crowns are snugly tucked up under a mulch of straw to deter the weeds. Asparagus needs to be kept weed free as it grows and we’ll be practising a bit of companion planting in the form of pot marigold (calendula officinalis)  to deter asparagus beetle.

Slow gardening at its best – with something fabulous to look forward to!