Some days are just perfect. Yesterday was one of those. Ever the optimist I had ordered a tonne (yes, a tonne ) of compost from the local recycling centre for use as mulch on the garden and allotment. The only day it could be delivered for weeks was yesterday, a day littered with all those school holiday trips to the dentist, the optician et al…and there were heavy showers forecast. Moreover the compost had to be dumped a short walk away from the allotment as access is difficult.

It’s the first time I’ve ordered compost from Hills Recycling and it’s considerably cheaper than the stuff you’d pick up at the garden centre at under £30 per half tonne. It’s perfect as mulch but we are also using it  in our raised beds. Here we are going to mix it  with topsoil and manure to provide a really good growing medium. I’ll let you know how we get on. 

For once my optimism was not misplaced. It all arrived at 8 o’ clock giving us a couple of hours in glorious sunshine to load the wheelbarrow many times over. The children all pitched in enthusiastically and the rest of the day passed in a happy jumble of  appointments, a picnic, a walk in the fields close to home (pictured above) and loading our newly made raised beds prior to planting.

And the rain didn’t arrive until the evening which meant I didn’t have to make a foray out to water the new garden I planted at the end of last week at the  children’s centre in town. Bliss!