Having eaten our way through our own bodyweight in pancakes the apprentices are safely tucked up and I am contemplating the next forty days on a somewhat interesting diet. I try each year to do something different during Lent – but it’s never been giving up chocolate!  This year I have decided  to eat only food which is produced within a thirty mile radius of home.

It sounds simple enough.  We eat seasonally, grow a lot of our own veg, get eggs from a friend’s hens, bake our own bread, buy meat direct from the farmer. But what about breakfast cereal, wine, chocolate, tea and coffee, citus fruit, bread flour…….? The list it seems goes on.

I’ve been thinking about the issues of local food for a while and how different our lives would be if we had to rely on what we could get locally -and only that. I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on. I expect at the very least to be a lot more informed about local food producers and  maybe even to regain my pre-childbearing figure.